3 Common Misconceptions About PLR Content and eBooks

It seems that, as Seth Godin once put it…

“Everyone is an expert.”

Unfortunately, that presumption has lead to a number of misconceptions about PLR content and ebooks…

Allow me to clear up a few of them:

1. You can easily start selling PLR, and make money….

Just buy some PLR stuff, bundle it together, and the money will come rolling in…

Not quite.

Fair enough, there are always people who are on the lookout for PLR products to buy – but you have to look at it from a business perspective, and ask the following questions:

a. How common is that which you are offering? If it is something that is popular, and everybody and his dog is offering it, you will probably have a tough time selling it – especially if some of them is offering it a lot cheaper than you do (or even for free).

b. What is the quality of the product? Is it solid enough to be worth the asking price? Or was it simply something thrown together in order to attract gullible customers?

c. Do you have an audience to market it to? Many PLR sellers tell you it’s easy to sell PLR ebooks and article packs – but if you don’t have anybody to sell them to…

You will need to work very hard indeed, or pay for advertising – neither of which may be worth it for you.

2. Don’t use PLR articles – it’s duplicate content…

In theory, yes. In reality, you have to consider two things:

a. Once you have the actual article, it’s easy and/or cheap to have it partially re-written. That increases the “level of uniqueness”, making it more acceptable to search engines in general.

b. Do you really even care about Google? If you aren’t using the PLR content as part of an SEO strategy, or blog/website content intended to attract search engine visitors, and the content itself is good, then don’t stress about it.

As long as your visitors get the information they were expecting, and it meets or exceeds their expectations, you don’t need Google’s approval. Drive your traffic from social media, ad swaps, paid traffic, traffic exchanges, social media exchanges, etc.

Marketing online isn’t always about keeping Google happy – it’s about making money. And if Google isn’t bringing you money, and you don’t expect it to, don’t waste your time on it.

3 common misconsptions about using PLR content and ebooks - Introvert Blogger3. PLR is crap…

Yes and no.

Most of it is – or should I rather say that most of it is useless. Even some of it which was very well written is useless due to over-exposure.

When dealing with PLR, there are a few questions you may want to ask:

a. What will you be using it for? If it is going to be (partially) re-written for search engine fodder (backlink properties), it doesn’t matter if it isn’t great. However, if you want to use it on your site or blog, or if it’s an ebook you want to offer to your subscribers, or even sell it…

It has to be good.

b. How common is it? If everybody and his dog has it, why would anyone want to get it from you? Fair enough, if you use it is website or blog content, you can get away with it being common – to an extent – especially if you do a partial re-write. But if it is an ebook, and people can simply do a Google search, and find multiple copies of it for free…

Why bother to get it from you?

c. Can you re-purpose it? Meaning, can you put it into a different format, and in that way make it a more “unique” offering? For instance – can you use text to speech and make a video out of it? Can you put it into a PPTX slide show and upload it to Slideshare? Is it an ebook, which you can break down into articles or blog posts on your site or blog?

d. How long has it been available?

The longer any piece of PLR has been on the market, the more people are using it, and the less likely it becomes that your PLR content or ebook will make any impact.

The “fresher”, the better.

e. Who is selling it?

If it is a vendor offering lots and lots of new titles every week, he or she is probably paying other people to write it, or maybe he/she is even buying it themselves.


If you can buy directly from the (credible) person writing it, you can:

a. Be assured of better quality

b. Be assured of its “freshness”.

c. If the numbers are limited, you know it will not spread across the market like wildfire, allowing you to make some money off it before everybody and his dog gets hold of it.


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