About me


Thanx for stopping by.

I’m Peter Prins – a blogger, ghostwriter and author from sunny South Africa.

(This page is about me as a person – if you would like to know more about me as a writer, please Click Here.)

Before we start…

This blog used to be a blog about blogging. Until I grew tired of the topic, that is. As a ghostwriter, a lot of what I write is about blogging, internet marketing, and online promotion. I decided it was time for a drastic change, and here we are.


I am also roughly 80% introvert – according to the best personality analysis I ever experienced – over at 16personalities.com (many others, including psychologists, tried – and nobody ever made as much sense).

I’m part of the quiet half.

Having been fortunate enough to be a ghostwriter for a few of the bigger names in recent years, I learned a lot.



What am I doing here?

I’m just here.

On the one hand I write on request, and on the other hand I blog. This blog is about me having fun. My other blog – A Journey 2 Success – is about self improvement. On this blog, however, I get to choose what I write about.

For the record: I do have two Twitter accounts. I don’t engage in conversation, or respond to DM’s. Most of my posts are automated – either from my blog or through scheduling software.

I also have a Facebook account. I don’t engage with anyone over there either – I respond to messages roughly once a year, and only if it is from family or friends.

Lastly, I have a Google+ account – because Google often looks at Google Plus to determine where to index/rank your content. In some cases, you may not be able to rank your blog post – but you can rank the Google+ post, which will then send people to your blog.

Basically – this blog is about me writing for fun. The work happens elsewhere.

Peter Prins – the Introvert Blogger

Disclosure: Most of the outgoing links on this blog are affiliate/referral links. While I only recommend products and services I truly believe in, you do have the right to know.