Did BoardBooster Just Knock Tailwind out of the Ballpark?


Quite possibly. BoardBooster has been a pain in the neck for Tailwind for a long time, but Tailwind had one ace up it sleeve…

But with what the techies over at BoardBooster did now, I’m afraid that Tailwind is going to see an exodus of users. BB just gave them a knock where they least expected it.

But let me rewind a little before I get to the point:

In the beginning, both Tailwind and BoardBooster set out to offer similar services – but their paths soon grew apart. While Tailwind chose to focus on the more professional Pinterest user (read: Hubspot reader), BoardBooster seemed to be focusing on the “blogger on the ground.”

While Tailwind focused on professional scheduling for busy social media assistants, BoardBooster looked at things from a whole different perspective. I may be wrong, but this is the impression I get…

Boardbooster has been looking at the challenges that face the entry level blogger:

1. Finances – When a new blogger just starts out, he or she has to pay for hosting, a domain name, possibly a premium theme, email marketing platform, etc. And seeing that may blogs only start making money after a year, that;s a lot to carry month after month.

As such, BoardBooster offers packages priced from $5 per month – as opposed to Tailwind’s $15. Fair enough, BoardBooster’s affiliate program also pays less – but how many users really (actively) promote it? Not to mention the fact that the lower price point makes it easier to “sell” the service

2. Campaigns – serious up and coming bloggers need to spread their pins out over multiple group boards. Tailwind doesn’t have a specific feature for this, but BoardBooster has.

3. Looping – In many cases, Pinterest users have worked long and hard to create boards with content that gets re-pinned over and over again. In cases like those, simply adding one of the old pins to the top of the board, while deleting the original one. It is also the most time-efficient way to make your boards appear “alive” when you cannot attend to them.

Let’s say you run into an emergency which suddenly demands a lot of your time…

You don’t have to find and schedule new content – you just activate the looping function on your best boards, and forget it.

4. Tools to identify broken links and duplicate pins – granted, these cost extra, but they are essential to maintaining a “clean” Pinterest profile.


Tailwind always had one ace up its sleeve:


At Tailwind tribes, you can add your pins to be re-shared by the community.

And now BoardBooster just did what Tailwind failed to do:

Did BoardBooster just knock Tailwind out of the park? Tailwind versus BoardBooster - blogging resources - blogging tips - from the Introvert Blogger- They created a BETTER version of the tribes concept!

Let me explain:

On Tailwind, you add your pin to the tribe, you do some re-pins (of the tribe content), and hope for the best. If people like your pins, great. They will re-pin it. If not…

Not so great.

Personally, I have had long discussions with the developers over at Tailwind about finding a way to ensure re-pinning. They just never took it seriously – after all, Tailwind tribes was “still in beta.” Not to mention the fact that it was terribly slow (not sure if it’s still as slow – I haven’t been back there for months).

So – in order to solve the problem, BoardBooster came up with a simple solution:

The board owner and/or community sets the rules or requirements for re-pinning. For instance – he or she may require 3 re-pins (from everyone) per day. But since the whole process is automated, everybody gets the same amount of exposure.

(If you want to read more about how it all works together, and how it can benefit YOU, you may want to read this blog post on How BoardBooster Tribes Work.)

In addition to that, once a tribe has more than 3 members, it becomes a democratic community. As such, the users are able to offer input about what works best for them – and what doesn’t.

I don’t want to be nasty, but…

I want to see how Tailwind is going to top THAT.

It’s a hard act to follow.


From my (admittedly limited) perspective, Tailwind is a great tool.

But for the beginner and the up-and-coming blogger, BoardBooster provides the real world tools to get more done.

The differences between the two platforms mean that many people have both – but if you have to make a choice, probably driven by finances…

I’d say BoardBooster is it.

If you want to go and see for yourself, Click Here.