The Introvert’s Guide to Passive Social Media Traffic

The concept can work for anyone who choose to apply it – but it was developed as a system for introverts to get passive social media traffic (without having to be social). The method can be applied without having any budget – which makes it accessible to anyone.

The problem:

For introvert bloggers and -internet marketers, the problem is two-fold: Firstly, the mere idea of being active on social networks is uncomfortable, and doing it is a draining experience. Secondly, establishing yourself on social media takes time – and as an introvert, that takes even longer (due to your natural resistance to social interaction).

So – what are your options?

1. Well, many people simply forget about being social, and just go buying traffic – it can be from Facebook ads, or any other useful source, as long as it can work for you. Unfortunately, most people turning to the internet to make money are already in need of money – so additional expenses are not the way to go.

2. Others grit their teeth and get out there on social media – and physically connect with people. It works, but it is a totally draining experience. For most introverts, it is unsustainable – no matter how badly they need the traffic or the money.

3. Use social media exchanges (exchange likes, re-pins, shares, etc) – but they have their own drawbacks. You can generate traffic, but you will still be exchanging time for traffic, and the ratio isn’t too great – simply because most of the people using them are newbies without a large following, so not too many people will see the stuff you submit to share.

But what if you could take option no. 3 and improve on it?

Before we get to the method, consider this: Method no. 3 above is easy, it can be done for free, and it requires no real social interaction (you can choose which activities you wish to do or not. Personally, I only use two – more about that just now).

Just quickly – for those not familiar with social media exchanges:

On a social media exchange, you get rewarded in credits for everything you do. You can follow people, share stuff, watch videos, or – my personal favorite – view websites. Depending on the network, you can do this for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Stumbleupon, and several more.

So – how do you make it work for YOU?

Well, just collecting credits and adding your pins to be re-pinned will already help. but to kick it into a higher gear…

This is how you build your passive social media traffic machine:

The Introvert's Guide to Passive Social Media Traffic - the introvert blogger - blogging tips - blog traffic tipsA. Join Followlike.

Why Followlike, and not some similar other network? After all, they are a dime a dozen, right?

Not quite.

Besides the fact that Followlike is one of the busier social media exchanges, it has two unique beneficial facilities:

1. When you refer others, you don’t get rewarded once – like on other exchanges – you get rewarded for LIFE. You get 15% override credits for anything your referral earns. You also get 15 of everything he or she BUYS – for life.

2. You can BUY referrals – For roughly $2 each.

And you will also get 15% override credit on all of their activity, as well as their purchases – forever.

3. You get paid one credit for every unique visitor that you send to your referral link – so if you don’t want to be social at all, just go plug your referral link into a few traffic exchanges, and surf for credits – literally.

B. Start collecting credits.

Start collecting credits in whichever way works for you. After just 5 actions per day, you can also collect your daily 100-credit bonus. Unlike other social media exchanges, Followlike doesn’t exclude website viewing/surfing from the activities required to get the bonus. Collect your bonus every day – even if you simply auto-surf 5 pages.

c. Use the system to spread the word

Write a page or blog post similar to this one. Or you can just go grab a video about Followlike from Youtube and embed it into your post or page. Use Followlike to spread that page all over the web. Set your task bid to the maximum credits – 15 plus 15 boost – to ensure the fastest possible exposure.

In conclusion:

Keep at it, and keep collecting referrals. Some of them will not be active, so you won’t get anything from them. Others will be busy, and earn you a lot of credits. The more you grow your list of referrals, the more you will collect on passive credits.

As you get more and more credits, you can keep using some of them to get more referrals, and use the rest to keep adding more and more of your blog posts, profiles, etc – and spread your social reach wider and wider as you go. starts growing by itself.

Click Here to join Folowlike.

Also – if you wish to use some additional social media exchanges for the start – until your passive traffic machine takes on a life of its own – here are a few suggestions:




Note: Focus your efforts on building your Followlike referrals – because it is the only one that gives you a percentage of the credits of your referrals (on top of the referral bonus).

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