The New BoardBooster Tribes – Guaranteed Exposure and Content on Autopilot

The new Boardbooster tribes are miles ahead of anything that came before it. And the way it is set up, it offers an additional benefit that can save you LOTS of time – even more than with the scheduling tool itself.

Firstly, though, I need to explain how it works…

a. The system:

In short – all of the members undertake to re-pin a set number of pins from the tribe’s “pin collection” every day. In return, you can have a set number of active pins at any given time – which become part of the “pin collection”. Everybody will – more or less – receive the same number of re-pins over time.

The re-pinning is automatic, and quality control is done by the tribe members as a community.

In other words, once you joined the tribe, you simply specify the destination board(s) for the pins (according to the tribe topic/focus), and you upload your pins.

EVERYTHING else is handled for you (ok, except your participation in the tribe’s voting process whenever approval is required for a new member or new pins – but that also depends on the tribe’s rules).

This makes it predictable – depending on how many active pins each member is allowed to have, and how many members there is in a tribe, you can calculate how many re-pins you can expect over time.

You may only have a set number of active pins at any given time – but you can remove or replace any pin at any time. Once you decide that a pin has received enough re-pins, or it isn’t performing (sending traffic or being re-shared), you can simply delete it and upload another one it is place.

So – in simple terms:

i. Join.

ii. Select your destination board(s).

iii. Wait for membership approval if need be.

iv. Upload your pins.

v. Come back later and check your stats.

b. The community rules

Note: Once the tribe has more than 3 members, it becomes a democratic community. Anyone can raise his or her opinion, and ask to put it to a vote (regarding conduct, rules and their implementation).

When a tribe is created, the founder sets out his or her rules (which can later be altered or amended by the tribe as the community sees fit). These rules determine the following:

i. Does the tribe have to vote on accepting new members?

ii. Is the tribe public or private (private means an existing member has to introduce you)?

iii. How many pins do each member have to re-pin every day?

iv. Will the tribe vote on the acceptance of new pins?

v. How many active pins can each member have at any given time?

As you can see, the community decides what is best for everyone. This allows everyone to have a voice, and strike a balance between growth and quality. Community members can flag unacceptable content, and even vote on changing the very structure of the tribe.

The bottom line is this:

Even though a tribe is created/founded with a specific vision, the community can eventually decide how to run it best – in a way that benefits the majority of members.

Secondly – which benefits can you expect from using Boardbooster tribes?

The New BoardBooster Tribes - Guaranteed Exposure and Content on Autopilot - pinterest tips - blog traffic tipsa. Absolute convenience – unlike Tailwind tribes, you don’t have to go and re-pin, or schedule other members’ pins manually. It all happens automatically.

b. Your pins WILL be re-pinned, and you WILL get your fair share of re-pins. The Boardbooster tribe pinning software doesn’t differentiate between pins – they are all given equal amounts of exposure. So you don’t need to worry if some of the group members are professional graphic designers, and you’re not – your pins will still be re-pinned.

c. Hidden benefit: You will be receiving Automated Content for your destination board(s). If you are a member of a couple of tribes, and each of them sends a few pins your way every day, it can completely eliminate the need to re-pin other people’s content from within Pinterest itself.

Even if you only take the entry level $5 per month package, you can still get roughly 16 re-pins (in total) per day – on top of your own pins. Keep in mind that this is consistent – so Pinterest will reward you for that with more exposure for your own pins.

This is great not only for if you are busy, but if you or someone in you family falls ill, or you are on vacation, you will still be “pinning to your boards” every day. Simulated activity at its best.

d. The content is topical and relevant. Unlike say, Facebook groups where people exchange re-pins, everybody in the tribe will be focusing on the same topic. As such, all of the pins you receive will be relevant, and will contribute to the overall value of your profile, BUT in turn all of your pins will be pinned on relevant boards.

e. Quality re-pins and content – everyone in the tribe is (probably) a serious blogger. As such, your pins will be re-pinned to targeted audiences, even if some of them are small. That, in turn, will result in more re-pins by the followers of those boards, which is great for everyone. In addition to that, since new tribe members are screened and voted for/against by the tribe members, only decent content is usually allowed.

f. The number of re-pins you get for each pin will not only give the pin additional exposure, but Pinterest will see it is a popular pin, and give it more exposure the the Smart Feed of other users.

g. The combination of automation and transparency makes it impossible to cheat and hide it – so cheaters will quickly be identified and removed from the tribe.

In Conclusion:

No matter how you look at it, or what you hope to gain from it, Boardbooster tribes make sense. In fact, I can see that many people will end up using ONLY this feature – and that (combined with their own pins) will be the sum total of their marketing on Pinterest.


Absolute convenience. Receive predictable exposure. Receive relevant, topical content. All automated.

Why would anyone choose NOT to use it?

Click Here to check it out and get started.

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