The 3 BIG Reasons why People Don’t Like PLR eBooks – and How to Overcome them

It’s common knowledge that most people steer away from using PLR, or private label rights ebooks – and with good reason. After all, you wouldn’t want to do anything that may hurt your online credibility, would you?


The 3 BIG Reasons why People Don't Like PLR eBooks - and How to Overcome them - Introvert Blogger

Fair enough, if you buy the usual PLR offerings, you may very well run into all three of the following problems:

1. Poor Quality PLR ebooks:

In many cases, the distributors of PLR material aren’t the creators. They outsource it to someone in a poor country with a weak currency, and get it written for cheap. After all, if you are going to sell it for cheap, why would you bother spending big money on it to have it created?

Even worse, if you are planning on selling cheaply, why would you even bother investing your own time into creating it? After all, you can only write so much on your own, and if you want to sell it for peanuts, you need to have a good return on your investment – whether that “investment” is your own time, or just money.

Fact: What you pay for is what you get. If you want to pay peanuts, expect to buy junk.

The 3 BIG Reasons why People Don't Like PLR eBooks - and How to Overcome them - Introvert Blogger2. Over-exposed PLR ebooks:

Normally, once a PLR ebook has been placed into distribution, and it’s pushed by someone who has a substantial reach on the internet, it ends up being on virtually every second laptop in the internet marketing industry.

(ok, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement – but you get the idea)

If too many people have it, it becomes worthless – it’s a matter of supply and demand.

3. Too much old PLR ebooks going around:

All over the internet, PLR stores and membership sites are popping up like mushrooms. Many of them are even free. The fact, however, is that most of them are just re-hashing all of the old PLR ebooks that have been freely available for ages.

If you don’t know when it was first published, you’re better off not using it – because you have no idea how many times it has already been offered to your visitor in the past.

Fact: The old PLR ebooks on the internet is so over-exposed that they have become useless as stand-alone products or optin bribes – even though some of them are actually good.

Think logically – why would anyone want to pay for, or even give you an email address, for something they can find by simply doing a Google search?

So – how do you get around these 3 PLR problems, and make it work for YOU?

Actually, it’s simple:

1. Buy from the source – meaning that you should buy it from the product creator, not just a vendor. It’s easy to see if any given product creator can write (just look at their marketing material and/or blog and/or website). Unfortunately, if you buy from the vendor who doesn’t write it himself/herself, you cannot determine the expected product quality from the outwardly visible text.

Unless, of course, the vendor provides you with samples which you are happy with.

2. Don’t buy from anyone who sells massive numbers of copies. This often becomes a problem if the seller does in fact deliver good quality PLR ebooks, but sells at a low price.

Always keep in mind that if your potential customer or subscriber has already seen the ebook somewhere else, chances are that he or she won’t opt in to get it from you. And if they do and recognize the book from somewhere else, chances are they will unsubscribe.

You may be saving money on the purchase of the ebook, but you will be throwing away money that you could have made from the lost subscribers.


At Limited PLR Club, you buy directly from the author – who has a long track record as a ghostwriter – and the number of copies per title are limited.

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