The Lazy Way to Make Your PLR eBook Appear Unique

When you buy a PLR ebook, the single biggest challenge you face is the lack of exclusivity. After all, you are not the only one buying it – so how do you make it appear to be unique?

The lazy way to make your PLR ebook appear unique - Introvert Blogger

Well, you could do what most gurus propose – and re-write it completely. And yes, that would make it unique – even if it essentially contains the same information as all of the other copies out there.

However, if you keep in mind that most people never read the free stuff they get anyway, and many people don’t even read all of the paid PLR ebooks they purchased…

That would make the complete re-write a little, shall we say, “over the top”?

If you have to re-write a whole ebook, even one of only 5,000 words, it would either take you several hours, or you would have to pay someone else to do it.

So, if you want to save yourself both time and money, and still have a unique ebook to give away or sell…

This is how you make a PLR ebook “unique” – or at least make it seem different:

The lazy way to make your PLR ebook appear unique - Introvert Blogger1. Change the title.

The PLR ebook’s title is what creates the initial sense of expectation of what it is about. Changing the title will immediately make it seem like a different ebook (if the visitor has seen the original version somewhere else before).

2. Change the ebook cover.

Along with the new title, do a complete re-design of the ecover. Ideally, it should look quite different from the original cover you bought it with – simply to create the visual perception of a different product.

2. Add an “about the author” section.

If you are going to use it to promote your own, personally branded product, blog or website, write something about yourself. If you are doing marketing in multiple niches using pseudonyms, make up something generic. This section alone sets your whole PRL ebook apart from the others that were sold.

Add your own picture, or a stock image (for pseudonyms across multiple niches) for this section.

3. Change the chapter headings.

For those people who just skim through the table of contents, or just do a quick scroll through the ebook, the altered headings will make it look different, even if they have read the original ebook before.

4. Make some changes to the first few sentences – the opening paragraph sets the scene for the whole ebook, so changing that will create the impression of a completely different ebook.

5. Add your advertisements, and references to your blog/website and social profiles.

6. Change the page borders.

If the pages don’t have any borders, simply adding a thin colored border will drastically alter the first impression. if they do, simply change the color.

DONE. That’s it.

Most of the people who do decide to read the whole ebook, and have read it before, are unlikely to realize it’s the exact same PLR ebook. They will realize that it sounds a lot like something else they have read before, but only those with photographic memories will actually connect the dots.

All of this shouldn’t take you more than an hour – even if you do the ecover yourself (there are several places where you can do ecovers for free online – pick whichever one works best for you). If you prefer to pay for it, you can have it done on Fiverr (from $6 including platform/admin fees).


How “unique” your PLR ebook is, can of course be improved in one more – important – way:

Buy from a vendor that limits the number of copies sold – because then you will compete with even fewer other marketers/bloggers distributing the ebook.

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