The Ultimate WordPress Theme – Period

Yes, it may sound far-fetched, but…

The ultimate WordPress theme has arrived. Actually it arrived a while ago – but it is set to shake things up. And no, I don’t just say it because I’m a fan…

the ultimate wordpress theme

Allow me to explain:

Since the start of the evolution of WordPress, there has always been one thing that held me (and I assume other bloggers) back…

I could never get any theme that would do what I want it to do. Yes, I looked at many premium themes. I fiddled with – over the years – thousands (yes, you read correctly) of free themes. But no matter what I worked with, I could never find something flexible enough to match a website builder program.

(there was always – even with flexible themes – limitations as to how much you could do without serious CSS coding capabilities. And some of those themes had CSS files straight out of a horror movie…:)

the ultimate wordpress theme - wordpress tips and tricks - introvert bloggerUntil now.

A new kid just rode into town, and I see tough times ahead for everyone else selling WordPress themes.



Imagine what would happen if you were able to build your own WordPress theme layout in a drag and drop interface, and modify EVERYTHING?

Just imagine…

NO coding.

NO headaches.

NO compromises.

NO expensive designers required.

NO need for any special skills.

NO limits.


Ok, correction. There is one limitation – your own ability to imagine the site you want.

So – here it is…

The Ultimate WordPress Theme:


That’s a very short name for a life changing tool.

But the folks over at Elegant Themes have finally figured out how to give you a blog or website layout as simple as the website builders over at WIX or YOLA, but with the awesome back end and endless plugins that only WordPress can provide.

Here is a quick peek:


Now that you know…

What will YOUR blog look like in the near future?

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